November Gathering: Presentation Afterparty

Cuba Café was bustling once again with people from the game industry joining the afterparty of another IGDA Finland Presentation held earlier on June 17th. A total of 102 visitors attended the gathering and the main topic of discussion was hard to miss - many of the visitors had just seen the presentation about Global Game Jam brought to us by Gorm Lai, and what a thought-provoking concept it was! Both experienced senior developers and fresh interns alike showed plenty of interest in it. Another point of discussion was of course the presentation about presentation techniques given to us by Remedy Entertainment and hosted by Jay Ranki and Sam Lake. The example used in the presentation was conveniently close at hand, as Alan Wake made an appearance on the big screen with a new demo of the game.

A small gaming rig was put up on the higher platform in Cuba Café where people could try out some of the excellent titles created in Game Jams around the world. Especially the game 'Make My Head Grow' was popular. More games from Global Game Jams can be found from the GGJ Archives

We got some good feedback from the audience and visitors about IGDA Finland presentations held so far. People clearly want the audience more involved. We greatly appreciate all feedback from you and encourage posting your comments on IGDA Finland Chapter Forums, or to send it by email to

Next up in early December, little Christmas party brought to you by IGDA Finland and sponsored by Futuremark. Read more from the announcement here.