March Gathering - Presentation Afterparty

[singlepic=407,320,240,,center] Crowds were flocking in from the preceeding IGDA presentation just around the block to fill the Cuba Café nearly to the brim on March 10th. It was great to see so many faces from the presentation showing up at the Cuba to have great time with the game industry collegues.

In total, a good 153 of you turned up of which 17 were new visitors.


Even the cold and damp weather outside wasn't enough to bring the mood down and the chattering went on for the late hours. It was perhaps no wonder that the evening's hot potato was the energetic speeches given by Petri Purho and the folks from Tweehouse and Secret Exit.

Check the rest of the snapshots at the gallery or at Flickr. Stay tuned for the next gathering on April 7th at Cuba Café!