December Gathering: Partying with Futuremark

IGDA little Xmas party held on 8th of December was arranged in collaboration with Futuremark and oh boy what an ending for the IGDA Finland fall season we had! There were lots of things happening besides sipping drinks and enjoying Christmas food with other developers. Nearly 200 developers and guests joined the party and Cuba Cafe boosted lots of activities from Shattered Horizon tournament to Lips singing game, game music quiz and more.

Futuremark released their first game titled Shattered Horizon only little over a month ago and they were kind enough to share their feelings and ideas regarding it with other game developers at IGDA Finland December Gathering. Futuremark set up four seats for gamers to try out the game. Those who were able to beat the Shattered Horizon developers won drink tickets :) Additionally Microsoft Lipshack singing room was open for sonorous game developers and IGDA activist Tuomas Karmakallio set up computer music quiz with nice number of participants. People enjoyed Shattered Horizon and the singing booth was packed throughout the night with people performing stunning duets and choir singing until late. We got lots of good feedback and will arrange music quiz sessions and other fun activities also in the future. Shattered Horizon Huge thanks to Futuremark! They put a lot of effort to the event and it showed. People stayed at Cuba until late and quite a number also continued the evening until early morning hours at other venues. We would also like to thank all of you joining IGDA Gatherings. The fall 2009 season was really good with high number of participants on each Gathering. We will continue arranging good parties in 2010 – if you have comments or suggestions how to make them even better ones, please let us know! Either send an e-mail or leave anonymous feedback to our feedback box at Cuba. See you in 2010!

IGDA Finland December: Shattered Horizon (Futuremark)

More photos from the event: IGDA Finland December 2009 Gathering photo set