Subscribe to our event calendar!

Feed buttonToday I'm here to talk about our event calendar. Did you know you can subscripe to it via iCal, Google Calendar or any other good calendar software? That way you can easily track upcoming events automagically! Here's a small how-to: Step 1: Click the elusive feed-button under the calendar to summon your already configured calendar app (such as iCal for all you lovely Mac fanatics).

Step 2: Agree/Ok the source.

Step 3: Enjoy!

You could also just take the feed url (webcal:// and subscribe to it manually in Google Calendar etc.

The calendar is updated to reflect our upcoming season's meetings, so check your holidays to match in advance. Additional events other than our monthly meets can be added to the calendar, so if you know of something that should be advertised here, just us an email @ as usual!