October Gathering: housewarming party with lappish flavor

[singlepic=297,320,240,,center]                                IGDA Finland Gatherings moved to Cuba café and in October it was the time for housewarming party. With 185 visitors out of which 37 were newcomers the house surely was hot – packed full! Cuba staff didn’t quite get the idea of IGDA at first. They were expecting just a couple of geeks playing video games at the back and were surprised when people start floating in. Recoil, Rovio, Sumea, Sulake, Bugbear, Everyplay and Remedy were all present amongst others.

Move from the heavy metal basement of System Rock to more colorful, cheerful and cosy Cuba café was apparently well accepted. The housewarming party was sponsored by Lapland Studio which is a post-production house and game company in one.                                They showed an impressive show reel and talked a bit about their services. In a nutshell Lapland Studio is interested in collaboration with game companies who need high class concept art, 3D animations and motion capture. If you missed the presentation, Lapland Studio has a new web site with lots of examples of their current work.

                               Besides chatting about Lapland Studio, people were eagerly expecting Max Payne movie to hit the theatres. There were rumors that brand new Alan Wake trailer will be showing before the movie but only during the opening weekend? Check out by yourself if that is true! Good discussion and excellent mojitos kept the house full until the closing signal. Luckily there are several after party places nearby such as Rymy-Eetu, Ahjo or Erottaja. We had a blast! The next gathering is on 11th November – see you then!