Housemarque's Multiplayer Madness gave a kick start to IGDA fall season 2008

img_0001.jpg IGDA fall season 2008 got a kick start last Tuesday when Housemarque brought out the fruits of their labor. Housemarque released Golf: Tee it up! and SuperStardust HD Team Expansion in June. SSD HD is one of top ranked best-sellers at PSN and team expansion truly was something people were really in for.

Housemarque also introduced drink ticket mingle. IGDA visitors got two basic drink tickets and one cocktail ticket. With two types of drink tickets the idea was to encourage people to trade their tickets and chat with new people. Drink ticket mingle was a solid success and will be carried out in the future as well!


There was a constant flow of people throughout the night. The total number of visitors went up to 174. Even if the total number wasn't IGDA Finland's record the number of first timers certainly was impressive – there were 45 new visitors! Housemarque Multiplayer Madness was just a start. IGDA fall season 2008 will be full of novelties and interesting action. Check out for news!

Housemarque would also like to thank you all for joining the party:

"Many thanks for all of you attending "Multiplayer Madness" evening on behalf of Housemarque. If you didn't attend, we are sorry we didn't notice that at all as we were all so busy having fun! Our first sponsored IGDA evening turned out to be a great success and people enjoyed playing round after round of our multiplayer games - "Super Stardust HD" and "Golf: Tee it Up!". The introduction of "happy-hour booze" drink tickets seemed to elevate the feeling even further.


As a company, we continue on developing new and exciting downloadable console games. We are in the process of adding new team members in the near future. If you think you are up to the task of working with some of the best developers in this industry and would like to create some of the coolest games on this planet, do let us know. Whether it's reinvigorating some of the most beloved genres, thinking of a new kind of puzzle game or creating head exploding action, we are on our way to do this and much, much more!

Best, Ilari - CEO of Housemarque"


Last but not least: IGDA would like to give special thanks to Samsung for smooth collaboration! Samsung screens were well on display together with the games.