December Gathering: Santa's little helpers storm the house!

[singlepic=319,320,240,,center] Once again Finnish developers sheltered from our awful December weather in the warm and cozy Cuba bar at Erottaja. Imagine the surprise as on sign up they were transformed as Santa's little helpers with free hats, cookies, drinks and gaming! In a moments of notice we had 154 little fellows running around and cherishing the magic of christmas games rush. Pictures say more than words, so browse our gallery for some insider feed on what everyone was talking about the next day.


Our generous sponsor for the evening was once again Nokia who needs little introduction with their new N-Gage platform pushing onward full steam and as a long time developer of mobile gaming solutions. Even more, the December gathering saw Little Big Planet enchanting visitors as kindly provided by Sony! There was a constant flow of people itching to dress up their character and have fun with three other players at a time. They probably spent more time waving their arms and making funny faces to each other than actually advancing in levels!

As a part of christmas magic we got a healthy bunch of new voluteers to join our ranks and held secret meetings for more awesomeness during the upcoming second half. Speaking for the whole IGDA Finland chapter team, we wish everyone a merry christmas and a lot of games for presents. You have earned it!