2007-2008 Season Report, part 2: IGDA Finland Growth Continues

Everyone! Welcome to the second part of this season report. You can find the previously published first part of the season report here.

During last season, which ended in summer 2008, IGDA Finland once again grew nicely. We didn't quite reach the 30% yearly growth as previous season, but that just might be because we're pretty much reaching the majority of the Finnish game industry by now. The latest published figures put the amount of jobs game industry jobs in Finland at around 1200-1300 (although this figure is from 2006 - we really need more up-to-date figures). During the season, our invitation mailing list grew 34% reaching 945 people and by the time of writing, we've already exceeded the 1000-mark!

Our membership grew to 235 by end of the season, which means we've doubled our membership in 3 years! Not only did it grew, but we had more individual full members than ever before, seeing both student members and individuals from affiliate studios moving to that category. While we appreciate the membership that we get through our affiliate studios and those of students, nothing spells commitment to IGDA more like people who decide to pay the full membership out of their own pocket. Most importantly, it also tells us we must be doing something right. :)

Last season our gatherings drew in a total of 1486 attendees averaging 135 attendees/gathering, both showing slight growth from last season. November gathering sponsored by Recoil broke the record they helped us set last year with a new attendance record of 243 attendees.

Here are some of the actual statistics of the last season: (Click on a chart image for a full-size version)

Membership Growth by Type

Membership Breakdown

Membership Profile Development

Monthly Gathering Attendance by Season

Growth of Mailing List

The first part of this three-part season report can be found here and the third part is here.

Joona and Lari