Preliminary Dates for 2007-2008 Season

Hi everybody! These are the preliminary dates for next year. Mark them down in your calendar, but be sure to check back here regularly for any changes!

Fall 2007: August 28th September 11th October 9th November 13th December 11th

Spring 2007: January 8th February 5th (Ski holidays?) March 11th April 8th May 6th June 10th

These dates have been laid trying to avoid all major holidays and special events in Finland as well as all major games industry events world-wide. If you spot any conflicts, let us know early and we can try to adjust the dates. One thing worth of note is also that February date has not yet been checked against ski holidays in Southern Finland.

In addition to that we've tried to space them out evenly (except for August-September, which are close due to many people being still on holidays in August).

We've received a lot of feedback to pick a more regular time of month and we've tried to do that also. If the opportunity after all this existed to put them on 2nd Tuesday of each month, we did just that, but as you can imagine not many of them actually made that day anymore due to theese other considerations :).

Jyri - Lead Chapter Coordinator