October Gathering Turned Into a Relaxed Evening With Boardgames

The cold fall weather took it's toll on Octobers IGDA gathering attendance. Even with industry representatives from Tampere, the attendance rose to 99, just shy of a hundred. B 'n W love

Photos from Gathering - Small photos - Large photos

Most notable at the gathering were the new decorations on the wall. System Rock had gone through a small facelift, which was well received by attendees. While attendance was lower than usual, those who showed up had the rare luxury of free tables. This luxury was quickly exploited and various boardgame sessions sprung up around the room, amongst them Munchin and Scrabble. A person with a brand-new iPhone got a lot of new friends as everyone wanted to try the device out.

Overall, evening was held in very relaxed atmosphere and the extra space and less background noise meant there were more meaningful discussions and mingling among the crowd was than on the more populated gatherings.

Mats Diktonius - Chapter Coordinator