November Gathering - Recoil Games pulled a full house, again!

Despite the icy and windy weather, 243 brave game industry professionals made it to the System Rock on 13th November. 243! Thanks to everyone who attended - we clearly beat the previous record of 210 attendees set in November 2006 (which by the way was also a Recoil-sponsored event). dsc01499-1.jpgdsc01518-7.jpgdsc01544-11.jpg

Finnish game development scene was well represented from Recoil, Bugbear and Sumea to RedLynx, Ironstar Helsinki and others. Also several IT-professional joined the party to marvel at active discussion amongst game developers. IGDA Finland was happy to welcome 48 newcomers to the party as well as people all the way from Spain, Digital Chocolate's game studio Microjocs and a bit closer to home, from Tampere TTVO!

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November Gathering was sponsored by Recoil Games. People enjoyed never-before-seeing Earth No More concept art while having sponsored beers and snacks. According to Recoil Games the game is supposed to “fuse together genre-pushing emotional drama and a disaster setting with global ramifications”. The game is being developed for several platforms and will be out in 2009. Despite the huge crowd, IGDA volunteers did a great job and ensured a super-smooth night!


Naturally most of the discussion dwelled around Recoil and Earth No More. In addition, Northern Game Conference held a week earlier in Oulu was commented. Common opinion seemed to be that the presentations were good but hiking and drinking at the dark snowy forest was an experience for many. Renewed got good feedback, too. We urge you all to continue the website related discussion at the Forum. All of your comments are highly valued!

We hope to see you all again at the Little Christmas party on December 11th!

-Sonja Kangas