March Gathering - After Action Report

The March gathering started slowly but surely. At the end we had 92 people who attended the March gathering. That's below our season average, but better than last time! Jyri had brought the award from GDC'07 IGDA Luncheon for everyone to see and touch. Many people seemed to still be in a slight jetlag state. GDC highlights were a common discussion topic, many seemed worried about the size of GDC growing and how hard it was to hook up with contacts now that Fairmont was no more. Good replacement didn't seem to surface this year yet. But every one seemed to agree that there was loads of good lectures again.

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This time there was quite a lot people from Digital Chocolate who came to offer farewell drinks to a developer moving abroad. Bugbear boys also made it despite their end crunch on Flatout Ultimate Carnage, they seemed to be in need of beer and stayed late.

In handheld gaming side, there was quick and brutal DS match in Advance Wars: Dual strike between Helsinki and Tampere. (Tampere won)

-Miikka Luotio