G&S lecture Tue 24th April : Emma Westecott "Play as a Performance

Emma Westecott "Play as a Performance" Tuesday 24th April 2007 17:15-19:00 University of Tampere, lecture hall 1096, PinniB Video venue: University of Art and Design Helsinki, Media Lab, 3 rd floor Lecture Room, (please note the room has changed).

About Emma Westecott: Emma Westecott has worked in the game industry for over ten years. She achieved national and international recognition for working closely with Douglas Adams as producer for the best-selling CD-ROM Adventure Game, Starship Titanic (1998, Simon & Schuster). Since then, Emma has gradually built up a worldwide reputation for developing original as well as popular projects and products, establishing herself as a figurehead and spokeswoman for a more emotional approach to gaming. Emma has been invited to present her vision and philosophy at many prestigious venues including BAFTA, the Tate, the Banff Centre and the Interactive Entertainment Conference LA. She has spoken alongside the ?big players? of the industry such as Peter Molyneux (Lionhead) and Will Wright (Maxis) of The Sims fame. Emma?s focus is based on a belief that the current boom of the industry is not sustainable without a creative evolution of game form, both in terms of creating new experiences and new markets. Most recently she directed the Zero Game studio in Sweden, where an impressive body of work was created under her leadership, see the list of practice-led projects.

The lecture will be in English. Free admittance.

All welcome!

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