December gathering - Finnish game developers rocked it out with Guitar Hero 3

The last gathering of the year drew in a nice crowd of 177 attendees total!In December gathering AMD provided drink tickets ensuring the mood was indeed very merry all night long.


The other sponsor was Microsoft and they provided us with demostands, with which we hosted 2 game competitions, as well as the prizes for those competitions. Both demostands were popular but Guitar Hero 3 demostand even had people lining up to play from time to time so it was clearly the more popular one.


With Guitar Hero 3 competition the winner was Esko Javanainen from Digital Chocolate, the other competition with Project Gotham Racing 4 game winner was also from Digital Chocolate! Rajeev Girdhar. Way to go Digital Chocolate!

For more photos from the gathering CLICK HERE


This time there was also the regular SCORE group from Tampere attending the gathering, with even a bigger group this time. Nice to see them bringing in new people with them! The evening carried along well in overall, another successful sponsored event, good job everyone who were part of organizing it!