2007-2008 Season Started With A Bang - 125 Showed Up

After the relaxing summer break well-tanned game developers were full of eagerness at the IGDA August Gathering in System Rock on 28th August. This time 125 attendees joined the party. Digital Chocolate and Bugbear were especially well represented! Also professionals from Remedy, Red Lynx and Recoil were there. It was cool to see students from Tampere joining the party as well! I hope they will turn IGDA trips into tradition and act as an example to people from other cities as well. This is IGDA Finland after all!

This time a survey was put out regarding “IGDA Finland Presentations” series which is due to start in September. Thank you all who filled the survey! It’s highly appreciated!

We will arrange two IGDA Finland Presentations sessions this fall. We are doing these activities for you so it is really up to you whether the sessions will continue or not. We’ll get the lessons learned from the survey as well as from the first session within a few weeks! I personally hope people would see IGDA Finland Presentations as a golden opportunity to benefit the community as well as learn from the other professionals.

Note: Due a technical issue with the IGDA camera, we have only 2 cameraphone quality photos of the event. Apologies.

- Sonja Kangas

Chapter Coordinator