2006-2007 Season Report, part 2: Growth Figures Show 30% Overall Growth

Hi Everyone! The 2006-2007 Season that just ended in June has again been our most successful one ever. IGDA Finland has seen some serious growth in several areas. All statistics have grown a steady one-third since last year.

In this post, we will share some of the impressive statistics of our growth and success this year. So all number nuts and chart buffs, this is for you! :)

First and foremost, our average gathering attendance hit 127.6 attendees/gathering, breaking the 100 mark this season, with a growth of over 30% compared to previous season. Even if we exclude the sponsored events (with the free beer), the average attendance is 109.3 attendees/gathering, still making it above the 100 mark.

The membership has grown this season as well, reaching 208 members at season's end this summer, breaking the 200 mark. Compared to end of last season, that's a growth of 28%.

The reach of our invitation mails has increased on par to other figures. At the end of the season, our invitations reached 705 people, a 31% growth since start of the season.

Here's the stats described above as well as some graphs showing more detailed statistics (click on images to full-sized images):

Average Attendance 2005-2006 Season: 96.4 2006-2007 Season: 127.6 Growth: 32%

Average Attendance w/o Sponsoring 2005-2006 Season: 82.75 2006-2007 Season: 109.33 Growth: 32%

Gathering Attendance

Gathering Attendance - Month by Month

Memberships End of 2005-2006 Season: 162 End of 2006-2007 Season: 208 Growth: 28%

Membership Growth Membership Growth

Size of invitation mailing list 2005-2006 Season: 539 2006-2007 Season: 705 Growth: 31%

Mailing List Growth Growth of Mailing List

That's it for now, stay tuned for part 3 of the season report...

Jay - Lead Chapter Coordinator

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