September Gathering - After Action Report

September gathering is behind us now and i can conclude that the air getting colder must be a factor in bringing more people in as the fall progresses. The season has started with two very good gatherings now. Evening started pretty slow but later on people rushed in and sometime 22.00 the bar-side was even a bit crowded. A sight for sore eyes indeed! In total there were 107 attendees and 25 new faces.

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People also seemed to stay on quite late. Last coordinators were seen leaving at 3-am. Again we saw a good representation of Sumea & Mr.Goodliving. From other game companies at least Rovio, Housemarque, Frozenbyte, Ironstar Helsinki, Remedy and Bugbear were all represented.

Some attendees came all the way from Tampere, including people from Nokia and from Aukio Group, which was recently acquired by Universomo. There was also a representative from PhysX Ageia who had come all the way from Sweden and was hanging with Frozenbyte crew. New students from aRTO PELKO 2 (Game development education) were largely present at the gathering. There was also people from old aRTO PELKO class present.

There seemed to be less WiFi action as before, very few people had brought their PSP's or DS's. A rare sight to see was a laptop user trying to convert code to run in a Macintosh machine!