October Gathering - After Action Report

On the day of the October Gathering, it was raining heavily. This gave us some cause for concern. Would that affect the attendance negatively? Apparently not. At 7p.m. sharp, there was already a queue at the door. If this was because of the rain, then we like rain! All in all, the final attendance figure for the gathering was 100 people in total.

For photos CLICK HERE

For a superb panorama shot by Mikko Lehtonen CLICK HERE For more photos by Mikko CLICK HERE Thank you Mikko for sending these in!

Again we had a good steady number in new visitors with 20 more people joining the mailing list. Amongst these there were people from ELVI project all the way from Oulu.

100 attendees was well in-line with the season average of 104 attendees per Gathering. During the same period last year, we averaged 74 attendees per Gathering. Time will tell if this autumn has been exceptionally active or if this is just natural effect caused by the steady growth in Finnish Game Industry jobs.

As all those that were present probably noticed, System Club has changed its face. System Club is now System Rock with new interiors and new music style. The pirate flags near the entrance were superb!

There was an unfortunate mix-up and the cloak room didn't open until 11.30p.n. this time, which caused a hefty pile of jackets near the entrance. We will try to prevent this of happening again in the future. Another nice detail was that there were many people that had brought their own cameras. If you think you have any good photos send them to our photography master Tommi Hartikainen