February Gathering - After Action Report

n this months event we had a good attendance despite it was Valentine's day with, 53 regulars and 5 new members.It is exiting to see that new people keep on flowing in, with a steady pace. We also had a strong USA representation in, since visitors included people from Digital Chocolate (San Mateo) and Game House (Seattle). Other more local visitors included people from a Swedish recruiting firm and of course the finnish Sumea & Mr.Goodliving were represented nicely along with the regular group of aRTO College "Game-Dev class" students.

For photos CLICK HERE

The highlights of the evening and the night included a small indie game development team led by Henri Aalto, showing some engine features and the core for their latest game project called "Future lost" based on a modified Torque engine.

Again, there was a plentiful of Pool games around that even gathered some audience later that night. It seemed that people kept coming in as the time passed, due valentines day evening started slow but accelerated towards the night. Overall, the mood was relaxed and open as always.

There was also a new member joining the IGDA Volunteers, Juho Niittyniemi, whose first task as a volunteer was to work in the reception. Its great to see new volunteers coming in as-well as new visitors.

That's it - See you next time!