December Gathering - After Action Report

The final IGDA Finland Gathering ended the year with a bang! We once again managed to pull out a sponsored gathering, thanks to Nintendo importer Amo Oy with two playable Nintendo Wii consoles displayed via Samsung 40" LCD's guaranteed that nobody would have a boring night. We had a 209 visitors this time! Thats almost equal to the amount we had last time! Also a thing worth mentioning is that the line spanned out in the streets!

For photos CLICK HERE

The mood was playful and we had 3 separate competitions with the Wii consoles. Shooting, Tennis and finally Boxing. Games featured in Wii Sports and Wii Play. People also got a chance to freely play around with the consoles. Winners from the Wii competitions got some hefty rewards ranging from GameCube games to the latest ATI graphics adapters!

As a nice curiosity there was a DS download station present, where people with DS consoles could download extra content to their games and also try out demos. Thus it seemed this had attracted lots of people with Nintendo DS consoles.

People seemed to stay long into the little hours because of the provided extra entertainment and this time the weather was a bit more pleasant to leave into.

Merry XMAS everyone! Thanks for our sponsors once again for enabling this great event, Amo Oy (Nintendo), ATI and Samsung!

-Miikka Luotio