IGDA Finland - Connecting People

It's amazing how much interesting stuff can happen in our game development community every year. It's actually so much that we're completely overwhelmed, understaffed and unprepared to even try to cover it all. Any help on documenting our events, broadcasting news and in general connecting our community even more would be greatly appreciated.

Things that are always great:

  • After action reports from events (photographs and text) so people know what they missed
  • Invites to new events and such in our blog and some
  • Community moderation to keep our FB etc. spam free and safe
  • Graphic design work to make everything prettier
  • Physical print goods like rollups

Doing any of the above is a great way to meet likeminded people, get freebies and in general make our community a larger place for more people. It's especially great to get content from outside Helsinki.

Interested? Talk to us! Catch us in one of our gatherings and join the volunteer slack. There's always n+1 projects going on to jump in to.