Call for Special Events

We're collaborating on an increasing number of events outside our normal gatherings. The biggest one as of writing has been Slush day 0 with over +1500 participants! As a non-profit volunteer organisation we don't have a lot of resources to support you in these events but rather can connected interested volunteers together to find sponsors, venues, event hands etc.

Recently we've started experimenting with organising busses to transport IGDA Finland members from hubs to some events and it got a great reception. More of these kinds of ideas, please!

Ideas for for fun special events include local networking parties, housewarmings of shared spaces, conferences, charity events and so on. Anything that advances our missions statement is fair game.


Get Started on Your Event

  1. Find likeminded people (try our volunteer slack)
  2. Define your event and see if people get interested
  3. Find a venue
  4. Find sponsors if needed (we can help!)
  5. Recruit enough volunteer staff (slack, gatherings)
  6. Spread the word (we can help!)

Collaborate With Us

Often you might already have your event covered and would simply like us to help with a detail or two like spreading the word. That's cool. Email our current director of the board and let's talk!


Note on event branding: it's not important to call your events as IGDA Finland ones, though that would be cool. For us it's enough to be listed as an affiliate of some kind and for the individual volunteers to get recognised for their effort.