Welcome to the Inner Circle

I would not be in my current job if it wasn’t for IGDA Finland.
— Jyri Partanen on board of directors learnings

IGDA Finland association is a legal entity with a mandatory board of directors that is responsible for things like the finances, annual meetings, negotiations with international partners and other strategic things. A new board is chosen in every fall meeting and any member can apply.


There are two ways to impact our long term strategy:

Join the Annual Meetings

By law we hold two meetings per year: spring for accounting and fall for new board and priority selection. These meetings are you best way to directly propose and vote on our strategic goals for the next season. Invites to annual meetings will be sent out a few weeks in advance to all active IGDA Finland members.

Join the Board

During our fall meeting a new board of directors will be voted on and any member is free to join as a candidate. Board members will self organise to execute on the top priorities decided on in the fall meeting. As a board member you will represent IGDA Finland internationally in a very literal sense and have the most autonomy & responsibility to take things to the next level.


If you have any questions about IGDA Finland association and how you might fit in, please email our current chairman of the board or catch us in one of the local gatherings.