Network the People Who Actually Do Things

We put a lot of collective effort in to hosting great events that often take a lot (and I do mean a lot) of free time from the organisers. In addition to events we also have many people running the association itself and under the hood stuff like this website and other projects. The occasional burnout has not been too far away when our ambitions run wild. That's not cool and we'll try to manage it. But the fact is that, as a group of highly empowered individuals, we do exceptional things.

All this and frankly speaking we suck at rewarding our amazing volunteers. Help us change this!

In the past our volunteers have appreciated things like studio visits, sauna evenings (preferably in a studio), christmas dinners, event discounts and general freebies like hoodies. Most volunteers are students and that bias tends to make "how to get in to the industry" themed things more popular.


As a volunteer

  • Come up with a cool idea that would make a lonely volunteer happy
  • If the idea is regional, talk to your local hub lead
  • If the idea is national, email our current board of directors
  • We can help fund the idea (depends on details)

As a hub lead

  • What would make your volunteers the happiest? Let's do that!
  • You already have a yearly budget, no questions asked
  • If you need more, talk to the board

As a company


Ideas that network volunteers between hubs are especially interesting and we can allocate more budget to them.