IGDA Event and Member Management Interface

Compared to the rest of the IGDA chapters we’re flying space ships!
— Vesa Raudasoja on IGDA Finland tech

EMMI (emmi.igda.fi) is a completely homebrew tool for us to manage our +60 yearly events with thousands of visitors and our member database. We didn't find any commercial solutions that fit the bill so why not make one ourselves?

The site is built on a MEAN stack (Mongo hosted in Mlabs, Node/express/Angular 1.x hosted in Google Cloud) and is used every month by multiple hubs. Current build is stable for production use but we'd like to take it to the next level. Current aspirations include:

  • Go open source on GitHub (requires refactoring)
  • Separate API to it's own AWS Lambda + API Gateway based project for separation of concerns
  • Move authentication to AWS Cognito
  • Do whatever UX fixes our hub volunteers would like to have
  • Add support for studio members
  • Add support for automated emails to various interest groups (replace current one-size-fits-all MailChimp)
  • Add support for automated payments via Stripe or similar

If you have base skills on web development and would like to take on a worthy cause please join our volunteers slack and join #web-and-tech-projects. Literally hundreds of volunteers will thank you.