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IGDA Finland Tampere Hub Gathering

Let's start the new year with community gathering of Tampere's game dev circle! January's Tampere Gathering is held in Jack the Rooster on the 17.1.2017.

We won't have one big sponsor for the event, but instead ask the studios in Tampere to join in with small 200€ sponsorship fee to provide drinks and snacks for the participants. Email for participating as a sponsor.

DEMO CORNER is assembeled to the karaoke side of the bar and we encourage you to bring your unfinished builds to be tested and showcased. Be you a company or a student, all demos are welcome. Either email or send a pm on facebook to participate to the demo corner with your game.

The year 2017 is bound to be interesting for Tampere's game dev field! Let's start it together on 17th in Jack the Rooster!