Hubs = Local Activities

We roughly divide all our activities to be either national or local. IGDA Finland Hubs are self organised cells focused 100% on what makes the most sense to their local developers. Most of our activities now happen outside of the capital area thanks to the vibrant scenes all over Finland and collaborative special events are becoming more common. All hubs are committed to hold a number of gatherings per year that are free to attend for everyone.

More information on hubs and how to get involved on our collaboration page.



Where it all began. Helsinki hosts the longest running game developer gatherings with frequent seminar series and sponsors. We average around 500 visitors per gathering. Actively looking for new volunteers!

If you are interested in sponsoring an IGDA gathering in Helsinki, please contact lead coordinator 

Lead: Jonne Harja

Seminar Coordinator: Christopher Hamilton

Volunteer Coordinator: Joonas Häll

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Gatherings in the Turku region started out in 2011 with the game development club LOAD arranging the first Turku Game Developers Gathering. Our gaming community is growing rapidly and we are excited about upcoming events, welcome aboard!

Lead: Natasha Bulatovic Trygg

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Tampere Hub is built around an active game development community. We have a number of notable game development companies and a large pool of enthusiasts with great potential.

Lead: Joni Lappalainen


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The Jyväskylä region has held game developers gatherings since 2012 with EXPA and in 2013 forces were joined with IGDA Finland Hubs to attract and help the local game dev scene even more.

Leads: Tuomas Roininen & Sasu Louke

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Kotka Hub is home to more than 100 hundred game developers & students. Kotka Game Developers (KGD) have been arranging gatherings since 2012.

Lead: Joni Finne

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Satakunta Hub has gathered game enthusiasts together since October 2015, officially as IGDA Hub since May 2016. The network is young, active and evolving. We cooperate with local game studios,  game-related companies and local academies. Welcome aboard to our monthly gatherings and other events!

In any questions, contact

Leads: Kati Fager & Tatu-Pekka Saarinen

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We bring together game developers from all over Ostrobothnia. Our goal is to build viable network and promote vivid collaboration between game startups, individual developers and students. You are warmly welcome to join our gatherings!

Lead: Jussi Loukiainen

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Joensuu hub promotes game development in Joensuu area, creates a hub for gaming startups and more importantly, organises awesome events together!

Lead: Mika Vesitie

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Kajaani Hub has had an active community since 2011, supported by Finland’s first academic education with comprehensive game studies that keep up to date with the industry trends. Kajaani gamedev scene keeps on growing! Feel welcome to drop by!

Lead: Antti Tiiro

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We are totally cool and awesome and indie. Our mission is to bring all the local game people together and help them to set up good networks and have the best parties. We are also trying to make the business environment better for the dozens of game-startups that are born here every year.

Leads: Anna Salomaa & Hanna Rauma

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We have graphics/audio/storyteller students from Lapland University, Programmers from Lapin AMK, 3d-modellers from Lao and personnel from companies. Arctic IGDA Finland Hub near Santa Claus and reindeers. During dark winters there is plenty of time to create games and during midsummer nights it’s impossible to sleep, so we are making games. 

Lead: Ella-Noora Polvi

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Kuopio hub promotes game development in Kuopio area, creates a hub for gaming startups and more importantly, organises awesome Games 4 Health events!

Leads: Tiina Arpola & Kalle Sievänen

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