March gathering – full house celebrating Bugbear’s birthday

Bugbear was celebrating its 8th anniversary at the party. In addition to free drinks the party goers were treated with a slot car racing track and T-shirts. Bugbear's birthday party speech proudly proclaimed Bugbear's as the worlds leading independent driving game developer [as all the other good ones had been bought off by publishers ;-)], and had a few interesting tidbits about Bugbear's next projects. igdamarch-6.jpgigdamarch-5.jpg

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Bugbear said that it is working on its biggest action driving game ever, which combines "FlatOut on steroids" with all new original stuff. The company also revealed its long term vision of expanding beyond pure driving. IGDA Finland gang is making virtual waves to Bugbear and wishing good luck for the future!


The birthday party attracted regular visitors from Helsinki area and Tampere but also several first-timers even as far as from Rovaniemi which is over 800 kilometers (nearly 520 miles) away! Besides the exciting news from Bugbear also GDC08 was well on view. Finnish game developers were again well represented at the GDC. The total turnout was close to (if not over) 100. Many interesting contacts and possibilities were kick started there and IGDA pub night at System Rock was an excellent place to celebrate the promising opportunities and good deals.

There was a steady flow of developers through the evening, with the total turnout as high as 210! The night lasted well over 3 am!

Next time we will start the night with IGDA Finland Presentations. See you all on 8th April!