Joining IGDA Finland ry

Why join?

IGDA Finland is a non-profit operating 100% on volunteer sweat and blood with no salaries paid to anyone. Money helps us both buy things that make our life easier (such as this website and other running costs) as well as reward our volunteers. We strive to be as open as possible about our finances according to Finnish book keeping practices. As a member of IGDA Finland, you support our local game development community and also get all current IGDA main organisation benefits.

How to join?

You can join IGDA Finland ry by filling out the form below. We will send you an electronic invoice (PDF) within a few working days using the Holvi payment service. Yes, we know, an automated payment service would be nicer. Help us deploy one?

Your membership is valid for one year unless you chose to become a lifetime member. After your membership fee has been received and processed, we will put and order on your membership card and mail it to you as soon as possible. New membership cards are usually ordered in bulk once a month.


Membership application

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How to renew?

Send us an email to We will get back to you within a few working days and take it from there. Help us automate this?


Membership fees

Individual membership

Individual member
Membership for one year.
Student member
People enrolled in to an educational institute are eligible to join as student members at a discount. You get everything except the right to vote in association meetings.
Unemployed member
Membership for one year for the unemployed. Same benefits as individual members.
Lifetime member
Become a lifetime patron of the arts. A guardian angel. An inspiration. A legend.

Studio Affiliation

The Global Studio Affiliation Program is designed as a valuable benefit for studio managers to present to their development teams. By joining the Global Studio Affiliation Program, a studio provides all of its employees with a personal IGDA membership, which encourages them to get involved in the community and gives them access to individual member benefits. In addition, Global Studios are recognized for supporting the Community.
— IGDA Org

The Finnish game development community is often referred to as one of the best in the whole world because of the spirit of cooperation we have. Becoming a studio affiliate is both a statement and a concrete step towards making sure that will continue for decades to come. IGDA membership promotes personal growth for your employees and also provides a platform for foreign talent to integrate faster in to our scene. It also makes us, the Finnish community, look unified towards the rest of the world. Win-win?

We will do our best to highlight your studio as often as possible in our website and print materials.

Number of employees      Fee
2-10 335€ (fixed price)
11-100 32€ / member
101-250 30€ / member
251-500 28€ / member
501+ 25€ / member

How to join?

Send an email to and we'll get back to you within a few working days.


Fine print: please note that studio affiliation is different than event sponsorship. You can sponsor events without being an affiliate and vice versa. Of course both being an affiliate and sponsoring an event is a god tier community contribution!